About Us

Westminster Management Corporation (WMC) is a private Canadian real estate development and investment company. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yattendon Group, a private company owned by the Iliffe family. The Yattendon Group’s four principle operating businesses are local media, agriculture, property and marine leisure. It has operations in the UK, Europe and Canada.

The Iliffe family began investing in British Columbia in 1925. Originally an insurance and mortgage company, the business expanded to direct ownership of real estate properties. Over the years, WMC has owned, developed and sold a number of significant commercial and residential properties.

Today, WMC owns commercial properties in downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver BC. The company is also involved in real estate joint ventures.

WMC is actively pursuing opportunities for real estate investment and joint ventures. Partners value WMC’s in-depth understanding of the Pacific Northwest real estate market, financial stability and strong real estate industry expertise.

WMC Board
Chairman: Edward Iliffe
President and CEO: Vickie McDonnell
Director: David Scott
Company Secretary: Karen Schultz